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Tempering the Soul, Nurturing the Body

Unveiling our newest yoga havens – four uniquely designed spaces that seamlessly blend modern aesthetics with the tranquility of nature. Immerse yourself in an environment where simplicity meets sophistication, featuring a temperate atmosphere that enhances your yoga journey. Welcome to a sanctuary that invites you to escape the chaos and rediscover your inner peace through the practice of yoga.

The State of the Art Dome

Nestled within our enchanting, meticulously landscaped garden, adjacent to the sparkling pool, lies the crown jewel of our yoga offerings – the State of the Art Yoga Dome. 

This extraordinary venue serves as the primary hub for our yoga programs, providing an idyllic setting for practitioners to connect with their inner selves. 

With a capacity to host up to 100 participants, the Yoga Dome stands as a testament to our commitment to creating a space where wellness and nature harmonize seamlessly.

The Theatre Room

The Theatre Room is thoughtfully designed to ensure your utmost comfort. 

The floor is equipped with efficient floor heating, creating a cozy atmosphere that encourages relaxation and focus. The room is complemented by cutting-edge sound and lighting technology, enhancing your yoga practice with an immersive sensory experience. 

Step into a space where the warmth of the floor meets the brilliance of state-of-the-art audio and visual elements.

Yoga Rooms

Explore our additional function rooms, thoughtfully designed to cater to various yoga practices, offering diverse environments
to elevate your holistic well-being.

The Hunter's Room

The Hunter’s Room, one of our propertyl’s most vibrant spaces, seamlessly blends elegant design with cutting-edge AV technology, prioritizing guest comfort. Enhanced by expansive windows that frame views of the lush gardens, this room bathes in natural light, creating an invigorating atmosphere for your yoga events up to 30 participants.

The Bikram Yoga Room

Our hotel’s Bikram Yoga Room, a dedicated space for the practice of Bikram yoga. Designed to accommodate up to 15 participants. Our state-of-the-art yoga room is equipped with temperature and humidity controls, ensuring optimal conditions for specialized hot and Bikram yoga practice.

The Classic Yoga Room

Our Classic Yoga Room, a dedicated space designed with the utmost precision to cater to our yoga needs.

Perfectly suited for groups of up to 12 individuals, this room has been specially crafted for yoga classes of all levels and styles.

Community Areas

Discover our inviting indoor and outdoor community areas, designed as havens for relaxation and socialization. Embrace the harmony of these thoughtfully crafted spaces, where a sense of peace intertwines seamlessly with the joy of shared moments. Whether you seek solace in a cozy corner or wish to engage in vibrant conversations surrounded by nature, our community areas are your retreats for fostering connections and finding your balance.

Pool lounge

Situated directly by the pool, with views to the garden, this bright and harmonious space is the most sought-after spot of Normafa Hotel. This inspiring, intimate, venue is perfect for relaxing together, unwinding or even for business meetings in a secluded setting.

Spa Lounge

Experience the art of relaxation in our Spa Lounge, where every detail is curated to elevate your well-being. Whether you’re seeking a quiet respite or engaging in post-yoga conversations, this oasis invites you to savor the moments of tranquility that define your journey with us.

Normafa Terrace

Discover a serene escape in our Normafa Terrace, nestled within the embrace of majestic chestnut trees. Just steps away from the magnificent Normafa panoramic viewpoint, this tranquil oasis invites guests to unwind and soak in the breathtaking natural beauty that surrounds them.

Event spaces designed to inspire

our event spaces

Let the atmosphere of the Training Center deepen the bonds and enhance collaboration.


A private event, a corporate event or a team building session is greatly influenced by the venues milieu.

Normafa’s event spaces are an integral part of the surrounding natural environment, while also satisfying the most complex technological needs. Groups of all sizes (from 6 to 110 people) can enjoy their time here and let the atmosphere deepen the bonds and enhance collaboration.

Training Center

A facility dedicated to events where we offer a wide variety of solutions to meet all needs.

Pool lounge

Situated directly by the pool, with views to the garden, this bright and harmonious space is the most sought-after spot of Normafa Hotel. This inspiring, intimate, venue is perfect for relaxing together, unwinding or even for business meetings in a secluded setting.



The Normafa Hotel’s most stimulating feature is the outdoor pool, an ideal place to recharge and socialise. The poolside with its mood lighting, accompanied by music is the perfect setting for a unique standing reception.

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Grill Terrace

Grill Terrace is located under the chestnut trees, just few steps away from the magnificent panoramic view to the city. The huge shades and glass pavilion makes all events weather-proof. This scenery is elevated by a custom-built airstream foodtruck with its iconic charm.


Finding the balance between the constructed and natural environments to ensure that those who spend time here can enjoy the most comfortable experience possible.

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