Sound Bowl Meditation with Dinner

18:00 - 21:00


9,900 Ft

for 1 persons *

1+1 promotion

We are committed to sharing the positive energy of our spiritual classes with as many people as possible, so for these events, one participant can bring along a companion at no extra cost.

“Silence the mind and the soul will speak!”

The theme of this event is relaxation, harmonization, and stress relief, thereby improving mental endurance. The meditation begins with a guided introduction to ZEN teachings, which helps to place the concept of the soul and raise awareness of its importance in everyday consciousness with an understandable explanation.

The Sound Bowl Meditation features soul-awakening sounds and vibrations from Tibetan sound bowls and various other instruments that induce a meditative state and create a spiritual energy field. Instruments such as the rain stick, which mimics the tinkling of a stream, and wind chimes, which evoke the breeze whispering through a magical forest, combined with the energy of the Tibetan and crystal sound bowls, ensure a soul-stroking experience. Through ancient methods from the Far East, all the individual’s energy points and mental state are harmonized. This sound-based meditation serves the purpose of allowing each participant to develop a closer relationship with their inner self and soul in a perfectly harmonious energy space.

Please arrive in comfortable or athletic clothing.

The full program

18:00 – 19:00
Sound bowl meditation
19:15 – 21:00
Vegetarian, vegan dinner

The ticket includes the participation of 1 person on the event and the vegan/vegetarian dinner with our seasonal selection on the chosen date.

Please select the date of arrival from the calendar below.

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